Learning @ Home

Congratulations on your learning in a home setting – now we’re back at school!

We are very happy to have all of our students back at school engaging in onsite learning. We are very proud of our staff, students and families in the way they were able to ensure continuity of learning during the remote learning phase of Term 2. Health and hygiene are monitored with vigalence at St. Thomas’ – it is our collective responsibility to minimise the risks.

We hope that families continue to engage in their children’s learning using the tools we have developed below.

Our students have also created a video to share their reflections on remote learning and returning to school for you to view. As you can see from the video we have all learned so much from this experience.

Perhaps the most important action school communities can take to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 is to ensure that any unwell staff, children and young people remain at home (Dr Brett Sutton). Let’s all make sure we follow this advice.